Thursday, March 17, 2016

Why You Need To Buy Golf Range Netting

Many golf courses around the world do not use any type of netting on their driving ranges, but this is because they are located in remote areas and the planners have designed the range so that netting is not needed. Golf range netting that are located in built-up areas, however, almost always need some golf range netting, otherwise, stray balls can can cause damage to property and vehicles, and serious injuries to passersby.

High quality netting can last upwards of 10 years and is very affordable, so there really is no reason not to purchase it.

What's more, there are now thousands of online suppliers of golf range netting who can deliver their products to your course on a next day basis. There is netting available to fit all types of budgets, but you should keep in mind that the cheaper nets will not be as durable and may need to be replaced more often. Some of the heavy-duty netting products around now come with ten-year warranties and they are guaranteed to withstand almost all types of weather. If you are not sure which type of netting is right for your golf course, do not be afraid to phone up a specialist golf retailer and ask for their professional advice.

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